House by the sea as an investment

Mallorca is the largest of Balearic Islands, about 200 kilometers south of Barcelona. Part of Spain it belongs to Schengen Area. Mallorca has a highly sofisticated infrastructure.

The environment is just stunning. You can find here everything you wished for: mountains in the north with ancient towns and lovely south-east coast with romantic backwater places. Inland you will find traditional houses with plantations of fig and citrus trees, vineyards and fincas. Or, if you are more interested in luxury and night life, you can go to the outskirts of the capital Palma de Mallorca to south-west of the island. Palma has a long history. It’s a melting pot of all the Mediterranean cultures garnished with all characteristics of European big cities.

With direct flights from the Czech Republic you can get there easily. If you prefer traveling by land, you can go for by car to Barcelona for instance, and then by a ferry to Mallorca.
If you are a fan of yachting or fishing, Mallorca will take your breath away. Forget about the crowds in bays and ports of Adriatic Sea or Ibiza. They won’t bother you here.

The island is a popular destination for cycling and if you are golfer, exploring local courses would keep you busy for a very long time.

The climate allows for perennial cultivation of crop, olives and wine and the processing facilities are there as well.

Mallorca is a place with really good health care system and the network of the international schools is pretty comprehensive here.

With mortgages readily provided by Spanish banks it’s easier than you may think to become an owner of a property in Mallorca. Revenues from the long term rental usually surpass 4% p.a. and the increase of your property value is more than likely.

This are just a few reasons it’s worth to invest with us.

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