Our story

We started to write our story on Mallorca in 2006.

In the beginning there was a search for a perfect rental house by the sea. It took a while and number of visits before we finally decided that the island is the best place in the Mediterranean. And it doesn’t matter if you want to stay here for a longer period of time working, if are keen to explore all the possible ways to relax or if you want to invest here.
Lifestyle of the locals and the splendid nature convinced us to buy a three-room penthouse in the apartment building in Cala Pi. During that time we’d witnessed the slow but stable outflow of the first generation of small German investors. They built their houses on the island during 70’s and now they were leaving. It brought opportunities and the market was open. There was – and in fact still is – a plenty of land for residential development with infrastructure and utilities already in place.

What started as holidays turned into work. And we feel lucky we can say we enjoy what we are doing ever since. We’ve decided we want to invest into unique and unconventional projects.

Most of our properties are located pretty close to our first place. It has many reasons: there are beautiful southern views of the island of Cabrera with the largest Spanish nature reserve. There are panoramatic high cliffs and bays with access to the sea. Both Vallgornera and Cala Pi are quiet places but you can reach them in just 35 minutes from the airport. There are shops and restaurants and if you miss the big city life, you can be in the second largest city of the island in just 20 minutes. There is also a bunch of small ports within easy reach. What you won’t find here are huge hotels and most certainly you won’t need to push through large crowds of tourists dressed in khaki shorts here.

So it’s here we built the house of our dreams: a modern functionalist villa situated on the cliff with tremendous views from the pool and the house itself. And because we love to do different things and take part in different projects, we’d been cooperating with local architects for a number of years on a project of finca – a traditional stone Spanish house. We had built it in typical local fashion a in accordance with all the rules for this kind of house. Our finca is surrounded by vast lands full of citrus and almond trees and 400 cabernet sauvignon grapes.
And then there are the houses we built to fulfill almost any possible role. They can be your perfect seasonal rental or family holiday house. And in the meantime their market value keeps growing. We are proud we can always find the time to create something special – like building our absolutely atypical garden house.

We have come a long way in those ten plus years: we can speak Spanish, we know how to deal with local bureaucracy and we are familiar with the local legislation. We’ve built a net of useful contacts ranging from architects and suppliers to winemakers and olive oil makers. We’ve learnt how to arrange services for our houses from cleaning and maintenance to gardening. These we can arrange for bargain prices or completely free of charge.

But life is not just about work, having fun is equally important – that’s why we know best places to anchor a boat, playas to swim and where to go fishing.

Indeed it’s not always rainbows and butterflies when you are building something. But we learnt our lessons and now we can help you to avoid repeating them. We’re here to share our knowledge and pass on our experience.

Mallorca has witnessed a boom of investment property development in last couple of years. As strange as it may sound in our opinion it’s easier to build a house and get the funding in Mallorca than in Czech Republic. That’s another reason why we work closely with couple of local real estate agencies. One of them operates in Son Vida, popular area of the island that is considered luxurious. Another popular place is the town of Sa Rapita. If you wish for direct sea access, local atmosphere and markets, this is exactly a place for you.

Right now we are building our Dreamhouse No.2. With it we feel we come full circle with our Mallorca experience. We should become our new flagship.

During the last 15 years since our first holidays in Mallorca we’ve grown into the real estate developer and real estate agency. We excel in providing free-of-charge services to our clients. And in order to help our clients we are always ready to lean on our far-reaching net of contacts in Mallorca real estate market.

Right now our top priority is mutually amicable relationship with our partners and clients. In the future we hope to invest in more new and unique real estate projects.

This is what we do. Because we love it.

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